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Mediation + Training


Workplace mediation is a proven process where an experienced and independent mediator uses a number of techniques designed to allow disputing parties to come to an amicable settlement of their grievances or differences.  Mediation is especially useful in resolving disputes between staff that have a long history and/or have been unable to be settled by more traditional means.  Mediation can be conducted either at your business, or at a neutral venue and a full report  of the outcomes and Settlement Agreement will be provided to management at the conclusion of the mediation process.

O’Connell has nationally accredited mediators who can assist in working with staff to find actionable, practical and sustainable solutions to workplace conflict.  Our services can be utilised if it is considered that mediation may be a more effective way to resolve a workplace dispute.

Customised Training Programs

Appropriate training of staff can often prevent many instances of misconduct, poor performance or unsafe work.  Ensuring that staff at all levels are kept up-to-date with relevant and understandable information on your own internal policies and procedures or with the requirements of Australian workplace relations legislation and regulators will raise awareness levels and facilitate improved competence.

O’Connell briefing and training sessions are delivered by qualified lawyers with adult education experience and expert knowledge of the practical and legal aspects of major workplace issues.  We specialise in customising sessions to your exact needs – referring to your own policies and processes.

Briefing and training sessions are designed to cover necessary knowledge or skills of an issue and then allows participants to retain this new knowledge or skills through group activities, case studies and simulated exercises.

Our most popular briefing and training sessions includes:

  • Avoiding bullying and harassment behaviours in the workplace

  • Equal employment and workplace diversity

  • Conducting effective workplace investigations

  • Ensuring procedural fairness in workplace investigations

  • Dealing with conflict between staff – for supervisors and managers

  • Ethics and compliance

  • Effective conflict resolution

  • Conducting effective performance reviews

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