Investigation outcome leads to policy review

The Situation A recent investigation into out of hours conduct involving a small group of employees and their line manager found that inappropriate use had been made of the employers IT system (email and internet) and smartphones. This inappropriate use had resulted in offensive and homophobic messages being sent to the line manager. The Task The investigation by OWR resulted in sustained findings against the employees but disciplinary action was limited by outdated policies that did not adequately cover the inappropriate use of IT resources and specifically limited disciplinary action to conduct taking place at the workplace and in work hours. An appendix to the investigation report highlig

Case study: Staff too intimidated to raise bullying complaints

The Situation The CEO of our client in a smaller rural town had the aunt of a younger outdoor worker complain about the actions of two employees who had allegedly visited her nephew late one night and verbally abused him, among other actions. Yet the younger worker and others who claim they had been intimidated and threatened over the past 12 months by the two employees refused to lodge complaints with their employer, claiming they feared for the safety of themselves, their property ie cars & homes, and families. The Task The objective of O’Connell Workplace Relations was to facilitate the receipt of complaints and any supporting evidence from staff, including the young worker, about the two

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