Support persons necessary when performance managing staff

Most employers only act to conduct disciplinary meetings with their staff after a prolonged series of incidents or issues give them more than enough evidence of a genuine staff problem. However, while they may have a genuine reason for terminating an employee, many employers may not be aware their actions could be reversed by the Fair Work Commission if they have not conducted their disciplinary meeting with sufficient procedural fairness. A recent decision of the Commission has confirmed procedural fairness includes the ability of an employee to have a support person present at their disciplinary meeting but has clarified the ability of an employer to specify the level of involvement of the

Disciplinary measures must be proportionate to misconduct

The decision to suspend a Marrickville Councillor from civic office for two months due to misconduct has been overturned by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on the basis the penalty was excessive. The Tribunal found there must be misconduct in the entire behaviour of a Councillor justifying a disciplinary response, and the penalty imposed must be appropriate to the breach. The issue Councillor Phillips was first elected as a member of Marrickville Council in 2008. On 27 November 2012, a Councillor briefing session was conducted to informally discuss the possibility of Council agreeing to a Meriton proposal in relation to a development in Lewisham. Meriton proposed if Council support

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