Performance shortcomings: lost wheels not enough to lose job

In a decision handed down on 2 September 2016 the IRC Full Bench considered whether poor performance by a State Transit Authority (STA) bus mechanic justified his dismissal. The termination of his employment followed an incident in which a bus serviced by the mechanic lost two wheels as it rounded a corner. Facts Mr Sunil Dissanayake worked as a qualified motor mechanic with the State Transit Authority (STA) from March 2009 and serviced vehicles at the Ryde Depot. His dismissal followed an incident in August 2014 when it is alleged he failed to perform a specific work instruction requiring him to correctly secure the wheels of a bus he was servicing. As a result, the bus lost two of its whee

Confused reaction to disruptive patient justifies payment to terminated security employee

In a delayed decision handed down on 2 November 2016 the IRC considered an incident where Mr Siddique, a security employee at a major hospital, was observed on CCTV to push over and injure a disruptive patient. While his actions were found to justify his termination, Commissioner Tabbaa found confusion by supervisors meant Mr Siddique’s activities were not adequately questioned, making his termination harsh. Accordingly, she ordered payment of compensation. Facts Mr Siddique worked as a Security Officer at RPAH since 2011. On 11 May 2015 he was called to attend an incident in the Emergency Department when a patient was being disruptive. This patient had a history of aggressive behaviour. In

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