2020 Practitioners' Professional Development Day

O’Connell Investigator Aimee Naim will give a presentation to practitioner members of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW on Workplace Investigations. Aimee’s presentation will be based on her extensive investigatory work into workplace issues involving employees and managers – both in the NSW public and local government sectors, as well as the private sector. Aimee will be joined by a number of other high profile speakers at this widely regarded “intensive”, especially designed to bring busy workplace relations practitioners up to date on issues of interest to their work and clients. The 2020 Practitioners' Professional Development Day is scheduled for 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on Friday 13 Ma

Deputy Mayor’s private remarks about gays held to have amplified impact due to position on Council

A recent NCAT appeal decision has confirmed the circumstantial relevance of a person’s status as a councillor when considering the impact of their conduct, even if their conduct is undertaken in a private capacity. In this decision, the Appeal Panel held that statements made by Ms Julie Passas, a Councillor of the Inner West Council, to her neighbour which vilified homosexuals on the day of the “Yes Vote” had an amplified negative effect. Background On 15 November 2017, in celebration of the National Same Sex Marriage Yes Vote, Mr Daniel Comensoli draped a rainbow flag from his Ashfield apartment balcony. Later that evening, he was in the driveway of the apartment complex when he heard his

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